What is the Thyroid Gland?

Whether weight gain, malnutrition, or other disease exacerbation, thyroid dysfunction in some capacity is experienced by over 10% of the US population, according to the American Thyroid Association.

The Role of Mental Well-Being in Brain Health

A greater focus on maintaining a healthy brain, rather than preventing further deterioration of an already diseased brain, might be the optimal approach for mental well-being and longevity. This concept is otherwise known as life cycle brain health.

The Effects of Drugs on the Brain

Each drug and its chemistry works differently, thus impacting the brain differently depending on how it binds to receptors. Abnormal messages will be sent through the brain’s network, altering brain function.

Vitamins and Supplements for Brain Health

Often referred to as brain food, several components of nutrition have been shown to be beneficial for the brain. Food consumed regularly, whether healthy or unhealthy, has an evident effect on the brain.

The Effects of Stress on the Brain

The concept of stress and its impacts on general health has become more prominent, particularly in recent years, with many beginning to prioritize their mental and physical health more than ever before.

Signs of Brain Deterioration

Brain deterioration can occur as a result of several disease-based processes, including some cancers, traumatic brain injuries, and cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol consumption is common in our culture, with nearly 33% of the United States population drinking at least one beverage daily. The effects of alcohol on the brain can be detrimental.

Effects of Sleep on the Brain

Sleep is a phenomenon seen in all animals and humans, and we spend a significant amount of time experiencing sleep. When seeking to optimize health and wellness, sleep is an often overlooked necessity for good health.

The Best Activities For Brain Health

Although it is intuitive to picture the brain as always in a state of constant function, there are specific activities shown to be beneficial for brain health.

Best Foods For Brain Health

Something not usually considered is that the food being regularly consumed has a major impact on the health of the brain. As the control center of the entire human experience, the brain is a highly significant organ to protect.

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