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Optimizing Nutrition for Intestinal Wellness

The prevalence of intestinal issues and digestive complications globally is quite common these days, affecting millions each year. Intestinal wellness is defined by the normal transit of food through the gut with no issues of constipation, malabsorption, or other digestive issues.

A Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popularized fasting protocol whereby there’s a window of allowable time for consumption and a window of restriction where no consumption is to take place.

The Nutritional Value of Protein Smoothies

More and more research is being released on the benefits of protein consumption. While it’s long been known that protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, only in recent years has it become popularized for its abundance of other health benefits.

Improving Recovery Time from Exercise

With several tools, tips, and tactics available to deal with muscle soreness and improve recovery time, it’s important to choose and prioritize efficient methods.

Exercises and Methods to Prevent Back Pain

Because the back carries much of the body’s load and many neglect to strengthen the core musculature to support such a load, the back is often placed in compromised positions to get injured, resulting in back pain.

Hip Flexors and Their Importance

For both athletes and non-athletes, hip flexors are among the most injured regions of the body. Unfortunately, they also happen to be among the most neglected muscle groups during exercise.

The Best Exercises for Cardiovascular Health

It’s no surprise that exercise is a generally healthy practice, both for the heart and body. While many understand this as fact, not many understand why or how exercise is so beneficial on a physiological and biological level.

What Happens When You Exercise

Serving several purposes, muscle contractions are a necessary function of human movement, offering stability, postural support, and even body temperature regulation.

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